Ilhéu de Santana

São Tomé

This interesting island, which faces Santana Resort, is unique in that a natural tunnel runs straight through the centre of it. Boat trips operated by the Atlantic Diving Center (€8) can get most of the way through before the ceiling lowers too far. You can also snorkel off the island's cliffs, revealing some interesting underwater formations.

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1. Roça Agua Izė

2.58 MILES

One of the original 'Big Five' roças of São Tomé, this was the plantation that kicked off the cocoa industry in STP, and it still farms the bean, albeit…

2. Boca do Inferno


The much-advertised 'Mouth of Hell' blowhole on the seaward side of the EN-2, just after the Km17 marker, has lost its spark. Those on Ilhėu das Rolas are…

3. Praia das Sete Ondas

4.53 MILES

This long and shallow gray-sand beach produces many rows of waves, hence 'Seven Waves Beach'. It's good for kids, beginner surfers, and a long beach walk,…

4. Nossa Senhora da Graça Cathedral

6.92 MILES

While fairly humble as cathedrals go, the Nossa Senhora da Graça is one of Africa's oldest, and a testimony to persistence, as it has been destroyed and…

5. Presidential Palace

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It's hard to miss the huge pink presidential palace, which faces the cathedral, but unfortunately it is not open to the public. Two bored guards do a…

6. Mercado Grande

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Alternately fascinating and repellent, the Mercado Grande is divided into two cavernous and adjacent halls, the Mercado Municipal and the newer, and…


7.21 MILES

The Casa das Artes, Criação, Ambiente e Utopias (House of the Arts, Creativity, Environment and Utopias) is an ambitious attempt to create a true cultural…

8. Claudio Corallo Chocolate Factory

7.29 MILES

Claudio Corallo is both an extraordinary person and a local institution. For over 40 years this native Italian has pursued an overriding passion for…