Alofaaga Blowholes

Top choice in Savai'i

These powerful blowholes are among the most spectacular on Earth, and well worth going out of your way for. Strong waves are pushed through a series of lava tubes, causing rip-roaring, geyser-like explosions that shoot dozens of metres into the air. If this wasn't dramatic enough, villagers throw coconuts (for a fee: don't pay more than ST10) into the blowholes, where they blast up like cannonballs: it's thrilling stuff, and photographs extremely well. DO NOT get too close to the blowholes, no matter what the locals do.

Pay admission at the first fale and park your car at the second fale, near the main blowhole. You shouldn't have to pay admission again, though you may be asked to; there are a few crafty sorts around here, so keep your doors locked, even when you're inside the car.

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