Cape Mulinu’u


The country's most western point is not only gorgeously scenic (until Samoa hopped the dateline, it was the last place in the world the sun set each day), but home to many fascinating cultural and archaeological sites. The Fafa O Sauai’i outlook was one of Samoa’s most sacred spots in pre-Christian times; there's a great swimming hole here. Nearby is a star mound, Vaatausili Cave and the Vai Sua Toto (the ‘Blood Well’ – named after the warrior Tupa’ilevaililigi, who threw his enemies’ severed heads in here).

You may be hit up for an exorbitant admission fee; you can probably get away with ST10 per person.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Savai'i attractions

1. Falealupo Ruins

1.47 MILES

Cyclones Ofa and Val struck the peninsula in 1990 and 1991, completely destroying the village of Falealupo. The decision was made to rebuild the village…

2. House of Rock

2.53 MILES

Legend says this site – a partially collapsed lava tube – is the result of a house-building competition between Falealupo’s men and women, a contest the…

3. Moso’s Footprint

2.54 MILES

This ancient 1m-by-3m rock depression is decidedly unremarkable apart from the legend that surrounds it: apprently, the giant Moso made the footprint when…

4. Falealupo Canopy Walk

3.98 MILES

This wobbly walk takes you across a 24m jerry-built bridge strung between two large trees almost 10m above the rainforest floor. After you cross the…

5. Lover's Leap

12.05 MILES

Stunning cliff-top views of a small but dramatic ocean cove.

6. Pe’ape’a Cave

21.14 MILES

This cave sits beside the coast road just south of Letui. A round-trip guided exploration of this small lava tube takes only 10 minutes, but you’ll see…

7. Dwarf’s Cave


This intriguing subterranean lava tube leads downwards as if to the centre of the earth. The cave is named after a legendary group of dwarves, who…

8. Mt Matavanu Crater


If you've got a 4WD and a sturdy pair of boots, a visit to the volcano responsible for the devastation visited upon northeastern Savai’i a century ago is…