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$64.34 Day Trips & Excursions

O le Pupu Pu e National Park Adventure

8:00am Pick up in Apia and off up the Cross Island Road.9:00am Ma Tree Walk  An 800m walk through the tropical rainforest of within the O le Pupu Pu’e National Park. At the end of the walk you will encounter the amazing Ma Tree with its buttress roots that extend out for meters in all directions.10:15am O LE PUPU PUA NATIONAL PARK LAVA CLIFF WALK. Step back in time and visit the raw beauty of ancient & spectacular volcanic action in the form of sea cliffs, arches & islands. Experience dramatic wave action and cooling spray along the way. Lunch in the perfect viewing spot.12:30am TOGITOGIGA Falls Swim and refresh yourselves in these small but beautiful waterfalls. Take a jump over the falls - if you are game. Approx. 2:00pm BACK to Apia.

$75.06 Day Trips & Excursions

Three Peaks of Upolu

8:00am Pick up in Apia  8:30am LAKE LANOTO’O HIKE 6.5km return (approx. 4 hours; can be wet and slippery). After reaching the crtaer lake you can go for a swim or even swim all the way across the lake. 12:30pm MT FIAMOE We drive most way to the top and then hike 1.5 km rising another 150m. Both the north and south coasts of central Upolu are beautifully visible from here. 2:30pm MT VAEA An active 4km hike with a 250+ metre climb to the top where the famous author lies, and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of Apia Harbour and surrounds. Approx. 5:00pm Return to Apia

$115.94 Day Trips & Excursions

The Pristine Waters of Upolu

ITINERARY8:00am Pick up at central Apia accommodation and head off along the East Coast Road. 8:45am PIULA CAVE POOL Only metres from the ocean swim in the freshwater spring pool sitting beneath a historic church 10:00am SAUNIATU WATERFALL 7km 4WD drive to your next dip under this rarely visited beautiful and pristine waterfall. 11:30am LE MAFA PASS Driving eastwards we pass through cattle grazing country of this high mountain pass and maybe sidetrack to view the lonely but spectacular FUGALOA BAY coastline. 12:15pm LALOMANU BEACH Snack and swim at Samoa’s most famous beach. 1:30pm TO SUA OCEAN TRENCH Unquestionably the nation’s most renown destination site. Brave the steep descent into the trench and swim 30m through a natural tunnel. Lunch and stroll around the lovely gardens and gaze over the beautiful volcanic coast 3:30pm TOGITOGIGA Falls Swim and refresh yourselves in these small but beautiful waterfalls. Take a jump over the falls - if you are game.4:30pm PAPAPAPATAI FALLS Roadside stop to view the spectacular 110m falls. Approx. 5:00pm Back to Apia