New Synagogue

One of three synagogues in Königsberg, the 1896 New Synagogue was destroyed in the aftermath of the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938. It was rebuilt, largely faithful to the original design, in 2018, to serve Kaliningrad's 2000-member-strong Jewish community.

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2. Honey Bridge

0.05 MILES

This short footbridge connects Kant Island to the Fish Village. It's said to be the oldest bridge in Kaliningrad.

3. Kant's Tomb

0.11 MILES

Noted philosopher and Kaliningrad native Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) is buried along the northern edge of the exterior of Kaliningrad Cathedral on Kant…

4. Kaliningrad Cathedral

0.15 MILES

Photos displayed inside this Unesco World Heritage site attest to how dilapidated the cathedral was until the early 1990s – the original dates back to…

5. Fish Village

0.17 MILES

Banish any notion of a quaint fishing village. This half-timbered riverside development houses a cute – if vaguely theme-parkish – jumble of hotels, shops…

6. Kant Island & Riverside

0.22 MILES

This once densely populated island – now a parkland dotted with sculptures – is dominated by the Kaliningrad Cathedral. A few nearby buildings – the…

7. Jubilee Footbridge

0.23 MILES

This pretty footbridge dates from 2005 and connects Fish Village to southern Kaliningrad.

8. Dom Sovietov


One of the dourest, ugliest of Soviet creations, the upright H-shaped Dom Sovietov (closed to the public) has been nicknamed 'the monster' by locals. On…