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On paper, the Kaliningrad Region seems ripe for an identity crisis. Its eponymous capital was the medieval seat of Prussia and an important port that was fought over for centuries. Today, less than 500,000 people visit each year. Until the 1940s, the province was almost entirely German; bratwurst made way for borsch as Stalin repopulated the region with Russians and Ukrainians. And though it’s geographically... Read More

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Best of Kaliningrad City Tour

City tour with visits to historical sites and the most important monuments. You will see the unique character of the city, where intricately intertwined era from the Middle Ages to the present. Will be held on the island Kneiphof, where the tomb of Kant and the Cathedral. See the bridge of the old city - "Honey", "wooden", the city gates - "Sackheim", "Royal", "Rossgarten" fortifications fortress town and miraculously preserved neighbourhoods garden city (district villas Kutuzova), and much more...The Best of Kaliningrad will lead you to the most iconic and well-know attractions! During the visit you will be able to appreciate all best parts of Kaliningrad and see the hidden treasures!

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Curonian Spit - The Road to the dunes Day Trip from Kaliningrad

Curonian Spit - a unique corner of the planet Earth. A narrow strip separates it salty Baltic Sea and freshwater Curonian Lagoon. Within the national park there are three villages: Forest, Fishermen and Marine. By its dimensions, length and altitude of sand dunes, beautiful landscapes, the richness of flora and fauna, the Curonian Spit among similar formations in Europe is unparalleled. Curonian Spit - one of the most famous and visited tourist centers. Tourists are attracted by an unusually pure nature, the highest dune in Europe.There are rare plants that are not found anywhere else in the world. In the local woods found a lot of wild animals and rare birds.Curonian Spit you will appreciate svezhekopchёnoy fish that are for sale right there, next to the houses of fishermen. Perch, burbot, bream, and, of course, the king of the Curonian Lagoon - eel.

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The Museum Vessel VITYAZ in Kaliningrad

he vessel made 65 scientific research expeditions, covered approximately 800 000 miles and made 7 942 scientific stations. She completed measurements of the Mariana Trench (11 022 m) and discovered siboglinidae, a new species. The school of national oceanology was founded aboard the Vitiaz, with scientists from 50 Soviet research institutes and 20 countries participating in the expeditions. The decision to preserve the ship and create a museum exposition aboard was made in 1990. The Museum of the World Ocean originated from the Vityaz, which remains our main object and the centre of the museum embankment. Ship characteristics: the Vityaz is a single-screw double-decker motor vessel. She has a straight raked stem, a sharp flare and a cruiser stern.