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Volgograd was founded in 1589 as Tsaritsyn and for centuries stood as an important trading and military post near the southern border. Aside from the WWII sights, including an impressive war cemetery at Rossoshka, 30km northwest of the centre, there’s a pretty waterfront and the first locks of the impressive Volga-Don Canal.

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Volgograd City Tour

Join this sightseeing tour of the “Hero City” of Volgograd and see the main memorial sites and attractions of the city at the historical crossroads between Asia and Europe. During this tour in a comfortable car, you will see the most interesting places in the city connected with its heroic history: Central Station, Fallen Fighters Square, Alley of Heroes, Embankment of Volga and more. You’ll learn interesting facts about the city and the Battle of Stalingrad which you won’t learn through official sources. The highlight of the tour will be a visit to the historical and memorial complex “Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad”, located on Mamayev Kurgan, a dominant height overlooking the entire city. Here you will see the tallest sculpture of a woman in the world "Mother Russia Calls", commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad, often considered one of the largest battles in the history of warfare.

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Taxi from Volgograd city to the Volgograd airport

Our driver will come and pick you up from the place of your stay in Volgograd at the pre-arranged time. You will have his/her phone number and can also use Whatsapp application to reach your driver. Your driver will try and park as close as possible to your hotel/house and we will instruct you where to find your car. In most cases when your driver can find a place to park the car he will meet you at the reception with your name sign. The journey to the airport usually takes from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your address.