Antiquities Exhibition Centre

Western European Russia

In this interactive museum split between two buildings, kids will get a kick out of the Stone Age and Bronze Age finds from the Tula area, including arrowheads and fish hooks. English tours (R1000 per group) tell the stories behind the collections. Have a go at pottery and blacksmithing, or sip tea and nibble gingerbread in a reconstructed 19th-century wooden Tula home.

The centre also arranges trips to Kulikovo Pole, about 130km southeast of Tula, where in 1380 the Grand Prince of Moscow's army took on the Golden Horde and won. The large nature reserve is home to three museums and hosts a reenactment of the battle every September.

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1. Tula Necropolis

0.34 MILES

Set over 50 hectares, photography buffs will love this huge, gorgeously creepy graveyard, with hundreds of telegenic tombstones slowly being devoured by…

2. Lenin Statue

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This giant Lenin statue looms large over Tula's central square (pl Lenina) with its brutal architecture of the old Soviet city.

3. Central Park

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A large, pleasant park perfect for strolling and watching locals cycling and rollerblading around. If you enter the park from pr Lenina, you'll see the…

4. Tula Samovar Museum

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‘To take one’s own samovar to Tula’ is a Russian idiom coined by Anton Chekhov, denoting a pointless activity. Local production of this essential part of…

5. Assumption Cathedral

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The five burnished gold onion domes of this 18th-century cathedral rise over the ramparts of Tula's kremlin.

6. Arms Museum - Tula Kremlin

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The kremlin branch of the Arms Museum hosts temporary exhibitions displaying military weaponry from around the globe and spanning different wars…

7. Tula Kremlin

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8. Tolstoy Statue

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