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Today Yekaterinburg, the largest of the region's towns, is a bustling centre and offers a base for exploring less-visited towns. Perm is a vibrant city that's home to some strong cultural attractions. Kungur has a spectacular ice cave, while the countryside offers hiking, cycling, rafting and horse riding. The conifer forest of the Sinegorye (Blue Mountains) makes the gently sloped ranges of the southern Ural Mountains look like frozen blue waves. Lake Turgoyak and two national parks are accessed from stations along the Ufa–Chelyabinsk railway.

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$73.95 Cultural & Theme Tours

3-Hour City Tour of Yekaterinburg

On this tour, your guide will lead you through central streets and through the historical center of the city and show you some original samples of the old machinery on this historical square.  At 1905 Revolution Square, you will get a view of the history of the city by ancient pictures shown to you by your guide. There will also be an opportunity to visit the splendid Church on the Blood located at the site of Romanov execution and the Chapel of St. Elizabeth. Get to witness beautiful views of Ekaterinburg and the City Pond from an embankment and from Ascension Hill. See the sorrowful Afghanistan memorial at the Red Army Square, gorgeous villas of “gold merchants” from the Urals from the 19th century and a survey of the monumental buildings in Stalin’s neoclassicism style. The tour will also include a visit to one of the local museums.

$124.23 Private & Custom Tours

House for Gospromural specialists by architect Moisei Ginzburg

If you interested in experimental dwelling architecture of 1930s, daily routine of soviet people and inspirational flat Unit F - it is for you. You will take a  short walk around the house, see experimental apartment Unit F and visit corridor between blocks on the roof. The activity includes walking tour with guide - the director of the Constructivism museum in Unit F, Q&A session and tea in Unit F. Approximate duration of the excursion is 1 h 30 min (+Q&A session). Be ready to walk up to 6th and 8th floor without lift. Minimum age is 12.  Language: Russian, English. We will meet at ulitsa Malysheva, 21/1 office 38 (doorphone on the side of Malysheva-Khokhryakova corner) 

$136.06 Private & Custom Tours

Sverdlovsk: Rise and Fall of the Soviet Utopia

During the walking tour we’ll see the finest samples of Soviet avant-garde architecture: Chekist Neighbourhood (Residential compound of Soviet secret service - NKVD), Square of Russian Army with House of Officers and the Black Tulip Monument, Dynamo Stadium, Building of Sverdlovsk Film Studio, House of Industry and Trade, Communication House and former Obkom Building at the Labour Square, the First City Skyscraper and elite residential complex where Boris Yeltsin used to live while working as a First Secretary of Sverdlovsk region Obkom, Building of famous in 1980-s Sverdlovsk Rock-club, the Square of 1905 with the City Administration and the monument of Lenin, Historical park at “Plotinka”.We also shall visit the museum at the experimental residential Flat Unit F designed by Moisei Ginzburg - one of the leading architects of Constructivism.What’s included: 3-4 hours walking tour, tickets to museum Flat Unit F.Meeting point: Square of 1905, near Lenin MonumentLanguage: English

$64 Private & Custom Tours

PrivateTour: Yekaterinburg Sightseeing Tour by Car

Meeting with the Professional English-speaking guide at 9 AM  You will visit most beautiful and intresting places of Yekaterinburg, such as: The historical skver (park) of Yekaterinburg.The wooden dam of the city’s first plant.The old city embankment and a monument of Vladimir Lenin, Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist, leader of Soviet Russia.Places connected to the first President of Russia - Boris Yeltsin who originates from Yekaterinburg. Old merchants' mansions which were built in the times of the Siberian gold rush of the 18th century.The monument to the founders of the city.The Residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast - Sevastyanov's HouseWorld Trade Center in Yekaterinburg.Theater district, the university and cultural heritage.You will arrival at the hotel after 12:00 AM

$64 Cultural & Theme Tours

City tour and Last days of the Romanovs

We visit the Temple-on-the-Blood and Ganin's pit. We will repeat the way of the Romanovs who spent the last 78 days of their life in Yekaterinburg. Tour excursion, objects related to the stay of the last Russian Tsar, exposition in the Temple-on-the-Blood, the arrangement and place of the execution room. Monastery Ganina pit is located 17 km from Yekaterinburg. There are 7 temples on the territory. Symbolically, in honor of each member of the royal family. Today there are 3 versions that exist. We will get acquainted with all three and find out what happened on the Ganina pit and where the real grave of Nicholas 2 and his family is located.

$64 Cultural & Theme Tours

Last days of the Romanovs tour and visit to Europe-Asia border

The excursion will acquaint you with the history of Romanov family in Yekaterinburg and details their tragic death.You will visit the Monastery dedicated to the family of the last Tsar. The Monastery is located on the spot where the Bolsheviks tried to hide the Romanov’s corpses in a secret grave. Today, this area is a well-known Russian Orthodox pilgrimage site decorated with seven wooden churches.We will start from the East part of the city and continue West, along the Great Siberian road to the monument of the border of Europe & Asia, which is located at the point where these 2 great continents meet.Hear the history of the Ural Mountains and visit the center of Euro-Asian continent. During the tour you will visit the oldest tsar's obelisk near Pervouralsk (30km west of Yekaterinburg) erected in 1837. You will find out how and why the border was set between Europe and Asia and will be able to stand with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. The obelisk was made in honour of Tsar Alaxander II who was traveling to Siberia in 1837. He stopped there and opened a bottle of wine. Since that we have a tradition to drink on the border – one glass in Europe and one in Asia. The place attracts newly-weds as there is also a tree of wishes where couples hang their padlocks and make a wish sitting on a bench. On the way back to the city you´ll visit Shirokorechensky Memorial with graves of Russian and German WWII soldiers. (The drive is approx. 20 km one way).