A room at Bulgakov House Museum at 10 Bolshaya Sadovaya Street in Moscow, where the Soviet writer Mikhail Bulgakov used to live.

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Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

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Author of The Master and Margarita and Heart of a Dog, Mikhail Bulgakov was a Soviet-era novelist who was labelled a counter-revolutionary and censored throughout his life. His most celebrated novels were published posthumously, earning him a sort of cult following in the late Soviet period. Bulgakov lived with his wife, Tatyana Lappa, in a flat in this block, which now houses an arts centre and theatre on the ground floor, and a small museum in their actual flat.

Back in the 1990s the empty Bulgakov flat was a hang-out for dissidents and hooligans, who painted graffiti and wrote poetry on the walls. Nowadays, this tradition continues and you can add your own contribution to the historic scrawlings. Inside the flat, you'll find some of the author's personal items, as well as posters and illustrations of his works. More interesting are the readings and concerts that are held here, as well as the offbeat tours on offer. A black cat hangs out in the courtyard.

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