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Suzdal served as a royal capital when Moscow was still a cluster of cowsheds, and was a major monastic centre and an important commercial hub for many years as well. But in 1864, local merchants failed to get the Trans-Siberian Railway built through here (it went to Vladimir instead). Suzdal was thus bypassed both by trains and 20th-century progress, preserving its idyllic character for future visitors.

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Towns of the Golden Ring of Russia. One Day Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal by train

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Vladimir Suzdal Museum Reserve, Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaIn Vladimir we will visit St.Dimitrios Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral,central square, 12th century ramparts, Golden Gates, local streets with wooden houses, moonshine museum with tasing of the local berry moonshineDuration: 3 hoursStop At: Suzdal Kremlin, Suzdal, Suzdalsky District, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaIn Suzdal we will see museum of the Wooden Architecture,Suzdal Kremlin, locals strees with woonden houses, market square, Suzdal view from the Bell TowerDuration: 5 hours

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(private) Moscow Kremlin Tour and Armoury Chamber

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Moscow Kremlin (Moskovsky Kreml), Moscow, Central Russia[tickets included] ★ As the center of the country’s political life, the Kremlin has survived countless wars, burned and literally rebuilt from its ashes. We will witness the lives of exceptional people and events that sometimes change the course of world history.We will go to the territory of the Kremlin by Kutafia tower and will open before us the architectural complex of the Cathedral Square, whose image was still built in the 15th century: Cathedral of the Archangel, the Cathedral of the Annunciation, the Palace of the Facets, Terem Palace and its churches, Church of the Deposition of the Robe, the Dormition Cathedral, The Patriarch’s Palace and the Church of the Twelve Apostles, the Ivan the Great Bell Tower. We will also get acquainted with the legendary Tsar Bell, which weighs 200 tons and is the biggest bell in the world. Tsar Cannon, a monument to the art of Russian foundries and a masterpiece of heavy artillery, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Cathedral of the Archangel (Arkhangelsky Sobor), Moscow, Central Russia[tickets included] ★ Visiting the Cathedral of the Archangel dedicated to the Archangel Michael, was the last resting place of the Grand Dukes of Moscow, the Russian tsars and their families. There are 54 burials in the temple, most of them are covered with marble slabs from the floor. The tombstones above them are decorated with carved ornaments.Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Dormition Cathedral[tickets included] ★ Visit of the Dormition Cathedral built with the use of revolutionary building technologies. Thanks to them, the gigantic interior space looks light, the domes seem to float in the air. The beautiful painting covers the walls, pillars and ceiling, the iconostasis amazes by its size and beauty. Under these vaults, the Russian tsars were crowned and raised to the rank of patriarchs.Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Armoury Chamber, Moscow, Central Russia[tickets included] ★ The wonderful world of the true luxury, good taste and extraordinary skill of the creators of 4000 masterpieces of jewelery, gold embroidery and weapons art from Russia and abroad opens to visitors. All once filled the royal treasury and the patriarchal sacristy.★ IN NINE ROOMS OF THE COAT OF ARMS ROOM:• Jewels of the Byzantine samples of the fourth century are exposed to the masterpieces of Russian silversmiths of the twelfth and fifteenth centuries of Suzdal, Ryazan, Kiev and Novgorod.• The products Faberge, Semenov, Khlebnikov, Kurlyukov, Ovchinnikov astonish by the complexity and variety of technologies used.• Beautiful collection of domestic weapons and firearms, armor, orders and medals. A famous and delicious Olympic service, a gift from Napoleon to Alexander I after the conclusion of Tilsit peace.• The rarest examples of church clothes of Russian patriarchs and royal coronation robes.• The ancient costumes of Russian autocrats, the hat of Monomakh and the crown of Anna Ivanovna, dotted with precious stones.• The collection of horse furniture is unusual: details of harnesses, saddles, tassel brocade covers and embroidery made by Russian, Iranian, Turkish and European masters decorated the ceremonial escort during solemn departures.• The logical continuation of the exhibition is the collection of cars in the last room.Duration: 2 hours

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Travel like a Russian

ItineraryDay 1: Za zdorovie!Pass By: Sheremetyevo International AirportWelcome to Russia! Our specially trained Ivans will meet you in the airport and take you to the fancy hotel in Moscow city center.Stop At: Poet brewery & barIn the evening the whole team will get together in one of the best places in Moscow for the welcome party. Besides socializing you will get access to over then 100 kinds of beverages.Duration: 3 hoursMeals included: • DinnerAccommodation included: Boutique hotel in the center of Moscow, 4-starDay 2: Back in the USSRStop At: Central House-Museum of Aviation and Space, Moscow, Central RussiaToday we will take you back to soviet times. We will go to Space Museum, we will show you weird Gagarin's spacesuit and you will try borsch from small tube (the way it is being eaten in space).Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Stantsiya Metro "Okhotnyy Ryad"Right after space adventures we will go deep underground: we will ride on subway and visit military bunker from the cold war times, which was build for Stalin. So you would have a chance to imagine yourself as a ruler of the biggest country in the world.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, Moscow, Central RussiaNot to let you carried away by all this power, we will take you to soviet childhood afterwards: the museum of soviet arcade machines. Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Mercedes BarIn the evening we will take you to the 80th floor saloon, from which you would be able to see literally all Moscow.Duration: 3 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchAccommodation included: Boutique hotel in the center of Moscow, 4-starDay 3: You're in the army nowStop At: Poligon "Alabino"When else your day has begun with the tank riding and shooting a Kalashnikov? We'll spend our morning at the military training ground full of heavy military equipment, explosions and adrenaline! And after such an extreme , for lunch we are going to have a real field porridge, which Russian soldiers are eat.Duration: 4 hoursStop At: Suzdal Kremlin, Suzdal, Suzdalsky District, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaAfter lunch, let's move further to the past - where the ancient city of Suzdal with the snow-white Kremlin, built in the 13th century, is waiting for us!Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Authentic hotel in the center of Suzdal, 3-starDay 4: Party like a RussianStop At: Museum Of Wooden Architecture & Peasant Life, Suzdal, Suzdalsky District, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaIn the morning we will visit a real open-air museum - we will see wooden mills, peasant houses and churches built without using any wire nails. Duration: 2 hoursStop At: DubnaWe will have lunch at a tavern on the shore of the lake, and about nightfall we will arrive to a manor house to lie on top of the stove like the Russian fairy tales heroes did. Nature, a real Russian banya, and a barnyard with cows and pigs are waiting for us! We will make dumplings, ride horses and jump into a cold lake straight after the hot steam bath! Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Dinner • LunchAccommodation included: Veretevo art manorDay 5: From rags 2 richesStop At: Novgorod Kremlin (Detinets)After enjoying the pristine nature, we will go north to the lights of the big city. On the way we will stop in Veliky Novgorod - the cradle of Russian democracy of the XII century. Here we will visit a Viking fortress, go to the top of the church bell tower, have borsch for lunch and then continue our journey. Duration: 3 hoursStop At: Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictIn St. Petersburg, we will be just in time to work up our appetite before dinner by having the Nevsky Promenade. We will try donuts that made according to the Soviet recipe at Bolshaya Konyushennaya and go to dinner at a fashionable Asian restaurant - to relax from Russian cuisine. Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Boutique hotel in the center of Saint Petersburg, 4-starDay 6: Non-classical Saint PetersburgStop At: Nevskiy TsentrAll the beautiful things come to an end and we leave Valdai heading to the hero-city of St. Petersburg. Upon arrival, we will wait for an excursion to the echoes of the Soviet past. We will visit a communal apartment – a place where several families share the common space. Duration: 4 hoursStop At: Nevskiy TsentrWe will meet the Sunset on one of the St. Petersburgs rooftops. Duration: 2 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Boutique hotel in the center of Saint Petersburg, 4-starDay 7: Moscow never sleepsPass By: Sapsan Bullet Train, Moscow, Central RussiaIn the morning we will say goodbye to the northern capital and by taking a high-speed train in just 3.5 hours getting to Moscow. Stop At: Park Zaryadye, Moscow, Central RussiaWe will see how many faces it can has: from the conceptual park Zaryadye to the St. Basil's Cathedral, that is similar to a cake. Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Patriarch's Pond, Moscow, Central RussiaWe will walk along the streets of the old city center in order to find ourselves by the evening at the most fashionable area of the city - at the Patriarch's Ponds. Here are the most fashionable places, the most beautiful audience and the best parties. A worthy place to complete the trip! Party like a Russian! Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Boutique hotel in the center of Moscow, 4-star

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Day Trip to Alexandrov and Yuriev-Polsky

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Alexandrovskaya Sloboda, Aleksandrov, Aleksandrovsky District, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaAlexandrov Kremlin (Александровская слобода) is an impressive Old Russian fortress closely associated with the name of the notoriuos Tsar Ivan the Terrible and the violent political regime of oprichnina he established to battle his alleged opponents. The kremlin is well preserved and has a great museum which definitely makes it worth a visit.Meanwhile, the town of Alexandrov itself is quite nondescript – a jumble of unsightly Soviet and post-Soviet buildings covered with fussy signboards. Fine examples of architecture are scarce. Yet, it might be enlightening to take a brief walk around the town to get the idea how modern day settlements beyond the capital city look like.Duration: 3 hoursStop At: Yuryev-Polsky Museum of History, Architecture and Art, Yuryev-Polsky, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaYuriev-Polsky is another ancient town unfairly overshadowed by its more renowned neighbours like Suzdal, Vladimir and Pereslavl. Most guidebooks don’t even bother to mention it on its pages. Which is a pity, indeed, because Yuriev has that ineffable provincial charm where farmhouses adjoin the centuries old monastery and life goes by unhurriedly. It shouldn’t be looked down on though – St. George Cathedral which dates back to the 13th century is reason enough to pay a visit.Duration: 4 hours

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Vladimir and Suzdal (2 days)

ItineraryDay 1: Vladimir - SuzdalStop At: Vladimir Suzdal Museum Reserve, Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaWe will visit all the major attractions of Vladimir and The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl (in early spring the area around the church might be fully flooded making it impossible to approach it on foot). In the evening we'll move to Suzdal where we'll have a dinner and stay overnight in one of the guest houses of your choice.Duration: 8 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 2: SuzdalStop At: Suzdal Kremlin, Suzdal, Suzdalsky District, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaA full day for exploring the numerous attractions of Suzdal. Return to Moscow in the evening.Duration: 8 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.

$299 Cultural & Theme Tours

Tour to Suzdal and Vladimir, Gem of the Russian Golden Ring

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Suzdal Kremlin, Suzdal, Suzdalsky District, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaWe will visit two places.Suzdal town and Vladimir city.Duration: 4 hoursStop At: Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, Bogolyubovo, Vladimir Oblast, Central RussiaFormer residence of Andrey Godlover.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: VladimirAncient capital of Russian lands.Duration: 3 hours