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Suzdal served as a royal capital when Moscow was still a cluster of cowsheds, and was a major monastic centre and an important commercial hub for many years as well. But in 1864, local merchants failed to get the Trans-Siberian Railway built through here (it went to Vladimir instead). Suzdal was thus bypassed both by trains and 20th-century progress, preserving its idyllic character for future visitors.

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$193 Private & Custom Tours

Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal from Moscow

Start your journey along with your private guide in the early morning with a ride by a comfortable high-speed train to Vladimir where you will meet your driver to go to Suzdal. Visit an open-air museum of the wooden architecture and peasant life to learn about the Russian rural community. Head toward Suzdal Kremlin where the history of the town started in the 11th century. Walk to the Market Square and taste medovukha - a Russian traditional soft honey-based alcoholic beverage. Marvel at inexpugnable walls of St Euthymius Monastery which once was a prison for dissidents.Drive to Vladimir - the capital of the Golden Ring and once the capital of Russia. The city was a cosmopolitan and artistic center at the end of the 12th century and the Seat of the Orthodox Church in the 14th century. Admire the shallow relief carvings on the white tall walls of St Demetrius cathedral that have been created by various artists. Your guide will explain to you the significance of the Assumption cathedral that was the main cathedral in Russia before Moscow became the capital of the country in the 15th century. Walk along Bolshaya Moskovskaya street - the main street of Vladimir that leads right to Moscow - to see the authentic architectural look of the city.Finish your day at the foot of the Golden Gate - the only surviving gate out of 7 that protected ancient borders of the city from enemies. Head to the railway station to get back to Moscow by train.

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4-Day Golden Ring Tour from Moscow

Leave Moscow and travel by luxury coach around the Golden Ring – a collection of historical towns and cities just northeast of the capital. Often called the ancient heart of Russia, the enchanting ring of old fortified cities is a land where time has seemingly stood still for centuries. Hear the history of the region and admire wooden houses, UNESCO-listed monasteries and onion-domed cathedrals on coach tours seven Golden Ring towns: Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov-Veliky, Pereyaslavl-Zalessky and Sergiev Posad. Overnight stays are scheduled in the most vibrant Golden Ring towns – Vladimir, Kostroma and Rostov-Veliky – and hotels are centrally located, allowing you to easily explore the towns independently between excursions and transfers. All meals are at your own expense, and your guide will happily recommend restaurants and traditional local dishes to try.

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Vladimir_Bogolubovo_Suzdal Tour with Private Guide

The guide will meet you at the hotel, from where you will go on the memorable tour by comfortable car. At first, you will have the excursion at Vladimir city. During the tour you will walk through the historical part of the city: through the very center of the city, from the Cathedral Square through Pushkin Park, you will view the monument to Prince Vladimir the Holy. Step along the old street with its buildings of 18-19 centuries and visit at the masterpiece of white stone architecture, at the monument Golden Gate.Next, you will proceed to the ancient village of Bogolyubovo and visit the Bogolyubsky monastery with the unique masterpiece of Russian architecture - The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl.Later you will go to Suzdal, where you will have a tour of the central part of the city. You will visit the famous Pokrovsky Convent, one of the largest in Russia. You will also see the architecture of the Savior-Euthymius monastery and get informed with the history of the Suzdal Kremlin. Eventually, you will go to Moscow with the guide, who will accompany you to the hotel.

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Suzdal and Kideksha Tour with Private Guide

Followed by a guide, you will go on a tour to the central part of Suzdal. You will tour the legendary Pokrovsky Convent, one of the largest in Russia. There are the relics of St. Sophia of Suzdal - the first wife of the famous Moscow Prince Vasily Ioanovich. You will also see the architecture of the Savior-Euthymius monastery, the main of the Suzdal-Nizhny Novgorod principality.Walk through the streets of the city, get introduced with the history of the Suzdal Kremlin, see the oldest shopping arcades, learn everything about cucumbers and mead. View the Suzdal Kremlin and the panorama of the Museum of Wooden Architecture, as well as visit the museum itself.Then you will go to the old village of Kideksha - the habitation of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. There is the first white-stone building of North-Eastern Russia - the Church of Saints Boris and Gleb (dated 1152). Sarcophagi and frescoes are dated of the 12th century, the works of unknown masters have been preserved in the prince’s tomb of this Church. Anyone who is fascinated by the history of ancient Russia must visit Kideksha for sure - the sovereign court of Yuri Dolgoruky. After traveling to the village of Kideksha, you will return to Suzdal, where the tour ends.

$3699 Rail

Epic Trans-Siberian Journey

Imagine trying to cover ground across Russia far west to far east — a crazy thought, huh? The solution: Get on the Trans-Siberian with us and watch this epic land glide by through the window of a comfortable train. After visiting the historic sights of Moscow, take the train through the Ural Mountains (and cross into Asia!) to Yekaterinburg, before heading to the heart of Siberia in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Learn about Buryat culture in Ulan-Ude before heading to the coast in Vladivostok. The whole trip covers 9,300km (5,778 mi) and crosses seven time zones. Whether you go in the summer or winter, this trip is the definition of epic.


Golden Ring of Russia

Experience the treasures of Russian culture, history and architecture on this 8-day journey—wander picturesque towns older than Moscow and marvel at Orthodox frescoes and golden domes. An expert CEO will lead the way and locals will uncover what was hidden behind the Iron Curtain for years. Visit the Kremlins in the cities along the Golden Ring and contemplate European masterpieces in St Petersburg's Hermitage. The onion-domed churches dotting the skylines of rural villages coupled with the grandeur of Moscow are waiting to be discovered.