St Mary's Evangelical Church

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Sibiu's Gothic centrepiece rises more than 73m over the old town. Inside, marvel at ghoulish stone skeletons, 17th-century tombs and the largest organ in Romania, all framed by a magnificent arched ceiling. Built in stages from the mid-1300s to 1520, the church was planted atop the site of an older 12th-century sanctuary. At the time of research, the main chambers were closed for long-term renovation but it was still possible to visit the front room and tower.

The tomb of Mihnea Vodă cel Rău (Prince Mihnea the Evildoer), son of Vlad Ţepeş, is behind the organ. The prince was murdered in front of the church in 1510. The four turrets on the church's tower once signified the right of the town to sentence criminals to death.

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