Must-see attractions in Sibiu

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    St Mary's Evangelical Church

    Sibiu's Gothic centrepiece rises more than 73m over the old town. Inside, marvel at ghoulish stone skeletons, 17th-century tombs and the largest organ in…

  • Brukenthal Palace

    Brukenthal Palace is worth visiting as much for its resplendent period furnishings as for the European art within. Duck beneath the Music Room’s…

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    History Museum

    This impressive museum begins with re-enactments of cave dwellers squatting in the gloom and dioramas of Dacian life. Out of these shadowy corridors, the…

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    City Walls

    Thirty-nine towers, each protected by different guilds, watched over medieval Sibiu. See the remaining handful by walking north up Str Cetăţii past the…

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    Pharmaceutical Museum

    On the site of Sibiu's first documented apothecary, this museum delves into the herb-scented history of medicine. More than 6600 items such as microscopes…

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    Natural History Museum

    Ornate ceilings flanked by moose heads make this Natural History Museum worth a peep for its 19th-century architecture alone, while the dinosaur garden…

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    Bridge of Lies

    The 1859-built iron bridge is nicknamed the Bridge of Lies. Depending on who you ask, it stems either from tricky merchants who met here, or young lovers…

  • Council Tower

    The former Council Tower links Piaţa Mare with its smaller sister square, Piaţa Mică. First built in the 13th century, and refortified in the 16th, it has…

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    Franz Binder Museum of World Ethnology

    Named for a 19th-century collector from Sibiu, the Franz Binder Museum of World Ethnology was undergoing a revamp when we passed through. A scattering of…

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    St Ursuline Church

    This Roman Catholic church and monastery was built in stages across the 15th to 18th centuries. Its white and gold baroque splendour is usually enclosed…

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    Banca Agricolă

    Banca Agricolă is one of Piaţa Mare’s most impressive sights; the art nouveau building, dating to the early 20th century, now houses the town hall and…

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    Orthodox Cathedral

    Instantly noticeable by its striped bell tower, the imposing carved wooden doors of the Orthodox Cathedral (1902) lead to an interior that glitters with…

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    Roman Catholic Cathedral

    The inside of this baroque church, built between 1726 and 1738, gleams with gold decoration and bright frescoes.

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    Carpenters' Tower

    This 15th-century tower is part of Sibiu's best-preserved stretch of medieval walls.

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    Memorandumists Plaque

    The Memorandumists plaque honours the Transylvanian leaders of the Romanian National Party who addressed a memorandum to the emperor Franz Joseph in…

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    Haller Bastion

    Named after a 16th-century mayor of Sibiu, the building is associated with a grisly period of history. When Sibiu was hit by the plague, holes were bored…

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    Steam Engines Museum

    This so-called museum is a veritable graveyard of ancient steam trains. South of the train station; it’s across the tracks, 400m south.