Biserica Sfânta Treime


Following the same hours as the Glass Icons Museum, which stands behind it, this late-18th-century church has a finely frescoed interior and an atmospheric graveyard.

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1. Zosim Oancea Glass Icons Museum

0.02 MILES

This museum of painted icons, named after the priest who collected them, is a true hidden gem. Unlike the sombre wooden icons you’ll see elsewhere in…

2. Ethnographic Museum

8.66 MILES

Almost in the skirts of the Cindrel Mountains, faded Răşinari has this little museum. Next to the town hall, more than 1500 items from rural life are…

3. ASTRA National Museum Complex

9.84 MILES

Five kilometres from central Sibiu, this is Europe's largest open-air ethnographic museum, where churches, mills and traditional homes number among 400…

4. Orthodox Cathedral

11.52 MILES

Instantly noticeable by its striped bell tower, the imposing carved wooden doors of the Orthodox Cathedral (1902) lead to an interior that glitters with…

5. Memorandumists Plaque

11.56 MILES

The Memorandumists plaque honours the Transylvanian leaders of the Romanian National Party who addressed a memorandum to the emperor Franz Joseph in…

6. History Museum

11.63 MILES

This impressive museum begins with re-enactments of cave dwellers squatting in the gloom and dioramas of Dacian life. Out of these shadowy corridors, the…

7. St Mary's Evangelical Church

11.65 MILES

Sibiu's Gothic centrepiece rises more than 73m over the old town. Inside, marvel at ghoulish stone skeletons, 17th-century tombs and the largest organ in…

8. Brukenthal Palace

11.66 MILES

Brukenthal Palace is worth visiting as much for its resplendent period furnishings as for the European art within. Duck beneath the Music Room’s…