Botanical Gardens


Iaşi's Botanical Gardens are Romania’s first (1856) and largest (100 hectares). They sprawl across Parcul Exposiţiei's western side and offer 21km of shady lanes, 800 rose varieties and orchid gardens, plus greenhouses with tropical flowers and carnivorous plants. Kids will enjoy the lawns and small lake. The gardens are about 3km northwest of the centre, so take a taxi (8 lei) or walk (20 minutes) up on B-dul Carol I.

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1. Mihai Eminescu Museum of Literature

0.64 MILES

This museum documents the writings, life and loves of Eminescu (1850–89), Romania’s favourite writer and poet. The great love of the married poet,…

2. Copou Park

0.65 MILES

Designed between 1834 and 1848 under Prince Mihail Sturza, this 10-hectare park is allegedly where poet Mihai Eminescu wrote beneath a linden tree. The…

3. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

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4. Jewish Cemetery

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Jewish victims of the fascist Iron Guard’s pogroms are buried in four concrete bunkers at this cemetery on Mountain Hill (Dealul Munteni), 5km west of…

5. Pogor House Literary Museum

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This museum was originally Vasile Pogor's 1850s mansion, hosting literary society meetings from 1871. On its grounds stand rows of busts of literary…

6. Statue of Mihai Eminescu


A statue of Romanian writer Mihai Eminescu greets arriving students (and everyone else) from atop a very visible perch at the start of B-dul Carol I.

7. Union Museum

1.59 MILES

This impressive neoclassical palace was Alexandru Cuza's home for three years (1859–62) and later housed King Ferdinand during his WWI retreat from…

8. St Spiridon's Monastery

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This monastery contains the headless body of Grigore Ghica III, killed in 1777 for opposing the Turks. The present structure dates from 1807, after an…