Cimetière Marin


Most tourists who come to St-Paul visit the bright and well-kept Cimetière Marin, the cemetery at the southern end of town. It contains the remains of various famous Réunionnais, including the poet Leconte de Lisle (1818–94) and the pirate Olivier 'La Buse' Levasseur (The Buzzard), who was the scourge of the Indian Ocean from about 1720 to 1730.

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1. Hindu Temple

1.36 MILES

Find this strikingly colourful temple dating from 1871 on a street running parallel to the seafront.

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3. Plage de Petit Boucan

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At the southern end of Boucan Canot's main beach, you'll find this smaller, much quieter beach, but swimming is forbidden and there's no lifeguard.

4. Musée de Villèle

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5. Plage des Roches Noires

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7. Plage des Brisants

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8. Plage de L'Hermitage

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Lined with casuarina trees, Plage de L'Hermitage is an alluring place to fry in the sun. It is safe for swimming – it's protected by a barrier reef and is…