White-washed facade of Cathedral de San Juan.

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Catedral de San Juan Bautista

San Juan

While San Juan's cathedral is smaller and less flamboyant than many Spanish churches, it retains a simple elegance. The first church on this site was founded in 1521 and destroyed by a hurricane eight years later. They began constructing its replacement in 1540 and it slowly evolved into today's neoclassical-inspired monument. Look out for the marble tomb of Ponce de León and the mummified body of religious martyr St Pio.

You can get quite a show here on Saturday afternoons when the limos roll up and bridal parties take over the front steps. The main entrance to the cathedral faces Plazuela Las Monjas, a beautiful shaded small park complete with antique benches and gnarly trees. On Sundays and holy days, you'll see worshippers in all their finery.

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