Puerta de San Juan

Gate in San Juan & Around

Image by Franz Marc Frei Getty Images

Spanish ships once anchored in the cove just off these ramparts to unload colonists and supplies, all of which entered the city through a tall red portal known as Puerta de San Juan. This tunnel through the wall dates from the 1630s.

It marks the end of the Paseo de la Princesa, and stands as one of three remaining gates into the old city (the others lead into the cemetery and the enclave of La Perla). Once there were a total of five gates, and the massive wooden doors were closed each night to thwart intruders. Turn right after passing through the gate and you can follow the Paseo del Morro northwest, paralleling the old city walls for approximately three-quarters of a mile. Pause on one of the benches along the western side that have fine harbor and sunset views.