Isla de Cabras

Island in Cataño & Bayamón

Isla de Cabras is a pleasant seaside park, popular with local families and perfect for travelers craving off-the-beaten-track experiences. It has grassy areas, tall palm trees, picnic areas, a rocky seashore and waves. You can fish, but offshore currents are too dangerous for swimming. The views of El Morro across the channel are spectacular. On the island’s southern end, the ruins of Fuerte del Cañuelo date from 1610. The fort once worked in tandem with El Morro to protect Bahía de San Juan.

The ruins at the northern end of the island were a late-19th-century leper colony. Nearby, there are some WWII gun emplacements that the US Army installed. A large building in the center of the park has bathrooms and a snack bar.

Reach the island at the end of Hwy 870, north of the Bacardí Rum Factory and the settlement of Palo Seco.