Casa Bacardí Rum Factory

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The ‘Cathedral of Rum’ sits in vast grounds near the mouth of San Juan Bay. Three signature tours (45 minutes to 1½ hours) are offered throughout the week. The historical tour includes a guided visit of the museum and the story behind the world’s most-awarded rum. The rum-tasting tour adds a visit to the distillation tower as well as sips of five rums including special blends, and the mixology tour replaces the tastings with a classic rum cocktail–making class.

The world’s largest, most famous rum-producing family started their business in Cuba more than a century ago and began moving their operation here in 1936. Today the distiller ships more than 20 million cases per year worldwide.

A tram ferries guests from the visitors center to the museum, distillery and, of course, the gift shop. All tours include a welcome cocktail (or nonalcoholic drink) and a commemorative cup. Fittingly, a bar is the centerpiece of the visitors center.

To get to the factory from the ferry terminal in Cataño, take a taxi (US$12), or público (about US$3 per person) or walk 15 minutes along the waterfront on Calle Palo Seco (Hwy 888). At Km 2.6 north of town, look for the factory buildings to your left. The cheapest way back to San Juan is by Uber.

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