Cine Teatro da Mina de São Domingos


In São Domingos, on the main road leading into town, this place provides a suitable introduction to life during the peak of the mining industry days. Although all signage (and film footage) is in Portuguese, the photographs on display do a fine job of evoking a bygone era.

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1. Casa do Mineiro

0.22 MILES

Tucked away on one of the narrow streets of São Domingos village, this small museum set among still-inhabited houses re-creates a typical miner’s cottage.

2. Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana

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Created in 1995, this zone of hills, plains and deep valleys around Serpa and Mértola shelters the Rio Guadiana, one of Portugal’s largest and most…

3. Museu Paleocristão


This museum, north of the old town, features a partly reconstructed line of 6th-century Roman columns and poignant funerary stones, some of which are…

4. Casa de Mértola

9.21 MILES

Next to the turismo, this small two-room house shows what living conditions were like for Mértolans up until fairly recent times (the 1970s).

5. Casa Islâmica

9.25 MILES

Next to the alcáçova (citadel), this interpretation centre is an accurately sized replica of an Islamic residence dating from the 12th century. Key…

6. Igreja Matriz

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Mértola’s striking parish church – square, flat-faced and topped with whimsical little conical decorations – is known because in a former incarnation it…

7. Alcáçova

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This site contains the ruins of what was once a thriving Islamic neighbourhood. Some 20 dwellings were here, each with a classic Mediterranean layout – a…

8. Torre do Relógio

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This little clock tower, topped with a stork’s nest and overlooking the Rio Guadiana, is northeast of Largo Luís de Camões. Alongside it is a municipal…