Praia do Homem Nu

The Algarve

At the far southern end of the Ilha de Tavira, this nudist beach is one of the few recognised strips of sand for naturists in the Algarve.

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1. Praia do Barril

1.58 MILES

At this glorious beach, you'll find several cafes and beach bars, and the remnants of a fishing settlement, with a poignant cemetery of anchors from the…

2. Santa Luzia


The fishing village of Santa Luzia is effectively a district of Tavira these days, and it's a great place to wander to get a feel for typical Algarve life…

4. Igreja de Santiago


Just south of Tavira's castle is the whitewashed 17th-century Igreja de Santiago, thought to have been built where a small mosque once stood. The park…

5. Camera Obscura Tower

4.03 MILES

Rising 100m high, the Torre da Tavira was formerly the town’s water tower and now houses a camera obscura at the top, reached by a lift. A simple but…

6. Castelo

4.03 MILES

Tavira's ruined castle rises high and mighty above the town. Possibly dating back to Neolithic times, the structure was rebuilt by Phoenicians and later…

7. Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo

4.04 MILES

Built in Gothic style over a mosque, then rebuilt by an Italian neoclassicist following earthquake damage 500 years later, this church by the castle…

8. Ruínas Fenícias de Tavira

4.07 MILES

Astonishing archaeological remains found on this site just below the castelo date from the 8th century BC through to the 18th century AD. Digs have…