Photography enthusiasts will be thrilled by this late-19th-century contraption. Reputedly the last working example of its kind in Europe, it consists of a large rotating drum that you peer into via individual eyepieces to see stereoscopic 3D photos. The 48 images on display vary fairly often and include ones in colour. Every Sunday the set is of Warsaw in the early 20th century.

Each rotation of the 48 pictures takes about 15 minutes.

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1. Palace of Culture & Science

0.23 MILES

For over 60 years this socialist realist palace has dominated central Warsaw. A ‘gift of friendship’ from the Soviet Union, it was completed in 1955 and…

2. ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture

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Occupying a revamped 1960s building on which hangs a wonderful retro neon sign, this exhibition and information space promotes aspects of Warsaw's built…

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5. Ghetto Wall Fragment

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A section of the original brick wall of the Jewish ghetto has been preserved in this courtyard, where you'll also find a commemorative plaque.

6. Warsaw Ghetto Museum


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7. Volleyball Player Neon


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8. Museum of Life Under Communism

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