Wozownia Art Gallery


This small art gallery has changing displays of contemporary art, providing some contrast to the Gothic frenzy outside.

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1. Medieval Granaries

0.03 MILES

A few medieval granaries have survived at the western end of the city's riverfront defences, most now occupied by hotel rooms.

2. House of Copernicus

0.04 MILES

While it's not clear if Copernicus was actually born here, this branch of the Regional Museum is dedicated to the famed astronomer's life and works. More…

3. Monastery Gate

0.04 MILES

Hefty, square-set gate built as part of Toruń's medieval defences.

4. Gingerbread Museum

0.06 MILES

Learn about the history of Toruń gingerbread and create a spicy concoction of your own under the enlightened instruction of a mock-medieval gingerbread…

5. Crooked Tower

0.07 MILES

One of Toruń's most photographed buildings is the crooked tower, whose top and bottom is out of kilter by 1.5m.

6. Fountain

0.11 MILES

West of the town hall, opposite the post office, is an intriguing small fountain built in 1914. Bronze-cast frogs sit on its rim, admiring a statue of a…

8. Statue of Copernicus

0.12 MILES

The square at the Old Town Hall is furnished with a number of interesting items of statuary. A few steps from the town-hall entrance is a statue of…