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Gdańsk & Pomerania

Cream-hued beaches shelving smoothly into the nippy Baltic Sea, wind-crafted dunes vivid against leaden skies, stern red-brick churches and castles erected by a medieval order of pious knights, and silenced shipyards that once seethed with anti-communist tumult – this is Pomerania, Poland’s north, a land with many faces.

The epicentre of Pomerania is Gdańsk, northern Poland’s metropolis, a rapidly modernising city with a photogenic historic centre. Like most of the region, Gdańsk has changed hands many times over the centuries, each invader and overseer bequeathing a layer of architecture and culture for today’s visitors to enjoy.

Away from the beaches and Gdańsk’s miracles in red brick you’ll discover Kashubia, a region that keeps the traditional fires burning, including its own language – the perfect place to slow down and escape Poland’s beaten tracks.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Gdańsk & Pomerania.