Teatr Ludowy


Nowa Huta's socialist-realistic architectural aesthetic extends to the area's main theatre, which was built in 1955. Early shows may have been dedicated to extolling the virtues of the proletariat, but these days the theatre is especially known for its experimental, avant-garde productions.

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1. Nowa Huta Museum

0.33 MILES

Two blocks north of Plac Centralny, the Nowa Huta Museum is more like a glorified tourist office, but there is a small, well-curated exhibit space…

2. Arka Pana

0.38 MILES

The retro-modern Arka Pana was the first church in Nowa Huta, built from 1967 to 1977 after much controversy. Authorities had intended the workers' suburb…

3. Aleja Róż

0.47 MILES

This graceful, park-like avenue runs through the centre of the Nowa Huta workers' housing estate.

4. Plac Centralny

0.58 MILES

This sprawling square and tram stop serves as the centrepoint of the Nowa Huta workers' housing estate. The square dates from 1949, and the buildings here…

6. Nowa Huta Underground


Nowa Huta's newest attraction opened in 2019 and focuses on the quarter's extensive network of atomic fallout shelters, built up in the 1950s and '60s…

7. Church of St Bartholomew


The small, shingled Church of St Bartholomew dates from the mid-15th century, which makes it Poland’s oldest surviving three-nave timber church. It was…

8. Cistercian Abbey

1.34 MILES

The Cistercian Abbey consists of a church and monastery, with a large garden-park behind it. The Cistercians came to Poland in 1140 and founded abbeys…