Liban Quarry


This abandoned limestone quarry was used by the occupying Germans during WWII as a labour camp. It was later employed extensively in the film Schindler's List as a stand-in for the Płaszów concentration camp. These days it's overgrown and more than a little creepy, but a fascinating place to stroll and ponder modern history. To find it, follow the path south from the Krakus Mound or simply follow the street ul Za Torem into the woods.

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1. Krakus Mound

0.08 MILES

Nobody knows the exact origins of the 16m-high mound that towers over Podgórze. According to legend, it was the burial site of the city's founder, Krakus…

2. Old Podgórze Cemetery

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This largely forgotten burial ground dates from the late 18th century and was once Podgórze's most prestigious cemetery. The Germans destroyed much of it…

3. Płaszów Labour Camp

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The former Płaszów forced-labour and concentration camp was built by occupying Germans during WWII to facilitate liquidation of the nearby Podgórze Jewish…

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Across the river in Podgórze, Bednarski Park may lack for picture-perfect quality but makes up for it with wild greenery fit for adventurous wanders…

8. Ghetto Wall

0.58 MILES

Just south of Plac Bohaterów Getta are the remains of the wartime Jewish ghetto wall from WWII, with a plaque marking the site.