Gdańsk & Pomerania

At the very western end of the Mierzeja Wiślana is Sztutowo, known until 1945 as Stutthof. It's infamous as the location of the former extermination camp in which the Nazis disposed of Polish resisters from the beginning of WWII, and which later became part of their Final Solution against Jews. Nowadays it’s a sombre museum presenting exhibitions and documentaries about the German occupation of the region.

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1. Galeria El

14.96 MILES

Some 200m to the north of Market Gate is Galeria El, formerly St Mary’s Church. A massive Gothic brick structure, the original church was gutted and now…

2. Market Gate

14.98 MILES

The northern entrance to the Old Town was once through the Market Gate, the only surviving gate from the medieval fortifications. In front of it is a…

3. St Nicholas' Church

15.09 MILES

One blast from the past amid the evolving rebuild of the Old Town is this sturdy, red-brick island of true oldness, noted for its 95m-high, carefully…

4. Elbląg Museum

15.17 MILES

A five-minute walk south along the riverbank is the Elbląg Museum. Occupying two large buildings, the museum has sections on archaeology and the town’s…

5. Big Wheel

20.17 MILES

This London Eye–style big wheel was installed as part of the clean up of Ołowianka Island and is a welcome addition to this part of the city. The ride…

6. Guardhouse No 1

20.25 MILES

The Westerplatte area is famous for one thing: it was here, at 4.45am on 1 September 1939, that the first shots of WWII were fired during the German…

7. Museum of WWII

20.25 MILES

Opened in 2016, this striking piece of modern architecture is a bold addition to the northern end of Gdańsk's waterfront. It has rapidly become one of…

8. Sołdek Museum Ship

20.28 MILES

The SS Sołdek is a museum ship moored in front of the granaries. Once you’re on board and past the fairly dull introductory video, you can test the limits…