St Nicholas' Church

Gdańsk & Pomerania

One blast from the past amid the evolving rebuild of the Old Town is this sturdy, red-brick island of true oldness, noted for its 95m-high, carefully reconstructed and now ascendable tower. Within, you’ll find some of the original woodcarving, including several triptychs, which escaped war damage. On summer mornings the beautiful stained-glass windows speckle the marble floors with ecclesiastical disco light.

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1. Elbląg Museum

0.15 MILES

A five-minute walk south along the riverbank is the Elbląg Museum. Occupying two large buildings, the museum has sections on archaeology and the town’s…

2. Galeria El

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Some 200m to the north of Market Gate is Galeria El, formerly St Mary’s Church. A massive Gothic brick structure, the original church was gutted and now…

3. Market Gate

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The northern entrance to the Old Town was once through the Market Gate, the only surviving gate from the medieval fortifications. In front of it is a…

4. Stutthof

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5. Malbork Castle

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7. Planetarium

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At the base of the belfry, the planetarium presents half-hour shows in Polish up to nine times daily. Get there at least 10 minutes before the shows start.

8. Belfry

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The high tower at the southwestern corner of the defensive walls is the former cathedral belfry, which can be ascended for cracking views of Cathedral…