Gdańsk & Pomerania

At the base of the belfry, the planetarium presents half-hour shows in Polish up to nine times daily. Get there at least 10 minutes before the shows start.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Gdańsk & Pomerania attractions

1. Belfry

The high tower at the southwestern corner of the defensive walls is the former cathedral belfry, which can be ascended for cracking views of Cathedral…

2. Copernicus Tower

0.04 MILES

At the northwestern corner of the complex is this 14th-century tower (Wieża Kopernika), believed to be the place from which the astronomer took some of…

3. Nicolaus Copernicus Museum

0.06 MILES

The Cathedral Hill complex (Wzgórze Katedralne) is today the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum. It covers several sights within the fortified complex, each…

4. Cathedral

0.06 MILES

Filling the middle of the courtyard with its huge Gothic-brick facade and with a slim octagonal tower at each corner, this impressive building was erected…

5. Old Bishops' Palace


The museum’s main exhibition space can be found in the southeastern corner of the complex, though the entrance can take a bit of finding. The ground floor…

6. Water Tower

0.11 MILES

Across the main road from the cathedral, down in the town, this water tower was built in 1571 making it Europe's oldest. It was used for two centuries to…

7. Hospital of the Holy Ghost


The 15th-century Hospital of the Holy Ghost, formerly St Anne’s Chapel, contains exhibitions of religious art and medical history. It’s a short and well…

8. Market Gate

17.77 MILES

The northern entrance to the Old Town was once through the Market Gate, the only surviving gate from the medieval fortifications. In front of it is a…