Castle Museum

Museum in Łańcut

This 300-room building started life in the 15th century, but it was Stanisław Lubomirski, 100 years later, who turned it into a mighty fortress and a great residence when he redesigned it in 1641. These days, it's home to the Castle Museum. Visits are by guided tour only. Among the highlights are the 17th-century Grand Hall, the Renaissance-style Eastern Corridor and the rococo Corner Room. The stables boast a collection of more than 1000 icons.

You’ll also be shown the Orangery (Oranżeria), with palms and parrots, and a collection of 55 carriages and sleighs in the Coach House, 300m south of the castle.

Over the years, the residence has been reshaped and remodelled, gaining rococo and neoclassical elements. The final important alteration, at the end of the 19th century, gave the building its neo-baroque facades. The last private owner, Alfred Potocki, one of the richest men in pre-WWII Poland, accumulated a fabulous collection of art during his tenancy. Shortly before the arrival of the Red Army in July 1944, he loaded 11 railway carriages with the most valuable objects and fled with the collection to Liechtenstein.