Mazovia & Podlasie

The Muslim cemetery is located in a patch of thick woodland 100m east of the mosque. The recent gravestones are Christian in style, showing the extent of cultural assimilation that has taken place. Go deeper into the wood, where you'll find old tombstones hidden in the undergrowth. Some of them are inscribed in Russian, a legacy of tsarist times.

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1. Kruszyniany Mosque

0.13 MILES

This beautiful green mosque was built by the Muslim Tatars who settled here at the end of the 17th century. It's a rustic wooden construction, in many…

2. Bohoniki Mosque

17.44 MILES

This historic mosque was built by Muslim Tatars who settled here at the end of the 17th century, and is one of only two surviving in Poland (the other is…

3. History Museum

26.98 MILES

A light show featuring a large model of Białystok in its late 18th-century heyday is the highlight of this museum, which is an annex of the Podlasie…

4. Ludwik Zamenhof Centre

27.06 MILES

This vibrant cultural centre dedicated to the creator of Esperanto hosts a range of art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and performing arts events. Its…

5. Branicki Palace

27.28 MILES

This grand former residence of Jan Klemens Branicki is surrounded by Park Pałacowy. Though he lost to his brother-in-law Stanisław August Poniatowski in…

7. Białystok Cathedral

27.35 MILES

This grand neo-Gothic brick cathedral dates from 1905. It's attached to a late-Renaissance parish church (1627) with a fascinating interior and an 18th…

8. Rynek Kościuszki

27.5 MILES

Białystok's focal point, the much-rebuilt Rynek is an odd trapezoidal shape. Important buildings from the city's past have been reconstructed here,…