Underground Tourist Route

Top choice in Sudetes Mountains

This interesting set of tunnels dates in parts to the 13th century. The 600m route, enlivened by audiovisual exhibits, links cellars, warehouses for storing beer, and tunnels that were hollowed out under the Old Town over 400 years. You can walk the whole length in 15 minutes, exiting near the Kłodzko Fortress.

The entrance is near the parish church.

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Nearby Sudetes Mountains attractions

1. Parish Church

0.02 MILES

This church, southwest of the Rynek and dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, is the most imposing religious building in town. It took almost 150 years…

2. Kłodzko Regional Museum

0.08 MILES

Kłodzko's museum, 50m west of the parish church, has displays relating to the 1000-year history of the town and the region, plus a collection of…

3. Rynek

0.09 MILES

Below the town's fortress is the market square, officially titled Plac Bolesława Chrobrego. Several pastel-coloured houses on its southern side have…

4. St John's Bridge

0.12 MILES

Southeast of the Rynek, this Gothic stone bridge, built somewhere between 1281 and 1390, spans the narrow Młynówka River. With half a dozen baroque…

5. Kłodzko Fortress


This mighty fortification, begun under Austrian rule in the mid-17th century on the site of former strongholds dating to the 10th century, was extended…

6. Kłodzko Tower

9.66 MILES

This tower on the north side of the Old Town was part of the medieval fortified city walls. You can climb it to take in the view – ask in the nearby…

8. Phillumenistic Museum


East of the Rynek, the Knights' Tower (Baszta Rycerska) was reshaped in the 19th century and turned into the belfry of the Protestant church that had been…