LGBT Travellers

Despite some conservative Catholic attitudes, bakla (gay men) and binalaki or tomboy (lesbians) are almost universally accepted in the Philippines and especially in Manila. Harassment is rare and you can usually be as 'out' as you want to be.

The traditional nexus of gay life in Manila is Malate, specifically around the intersection of J Nakpil St and M Orosa St. Once the site of countless gay bars, in recent years it has declined and these days there are only a couple of hold-outs in the area. The more popular clubs/bars, such as Nectar and Unit 27, are uptown in the Fort.

There's a pride march every year in late June. For years it took place in Malate but these days it moves around Metro Manila from year-to-year (the 2017 version was in Marikina City).

The B-Change social enterprise group ( works to promote LGBT rights.

Online gay and lesbian resources for Manila include the following:

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