Revellin de Recoletos


A triangular defensive fortification in Intramuros. It's one of the more recent fortifications (1771).

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1. Baluarte de Dilao

0.12 MILES

Stone defensive bulwark that was part of the original fortification of Intramuros. It dates back to 1592 and is named after the Japanese enclave it faced…

3. Manila City Hall

0.16 MILES

Looming east of Intramuros, the neoclassical city hall building is distinguished by an attractive clock tower that is beautifully illuminated at night. It…

4. National Museum of Fine Arts

0.18 MILES

This proud museum contains many of the Philippines’ signature works of art, including Juan Luna’s seminal Spoliarium, a colossal painting that provides…

5. Puerta Real

0.22 MILES

This gate to the old walled city of Intramuros was built in 1663 for the exclusive use of the Spanish governor general during important state functions.

6. National Museum of Anthropology

0.26 MILES

Within a resplendent neoclassical building, this superb museum houses a vast and varied collection, including the skullcap of the Philippines’ earliest…

8. Revellin del Parian

0.27 MILES

This triangular defensive fortification was built to help protect Intramuros after a Chinese uprising in 1603. Parian were the ghetto-like districts where…