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Charna Island Karachi - A Diver's Paradise

At dawn, Pack your bags. rub the sleep out of your eyes and get ready to picked up for the snorkeling and scuba diving trip to Charna Island Located in the Arabian Sea, this small, uninhabited island can be accessed from Mubarak Village, a fishing settlement near the Hub Power Plant on the outskirts of Karachi.  Get into our vehicle  along with other divers and make your way first to Mubarak Village. On the way to the village, you will drove by past rocky hills and sparse wild greenery, punctuated by brown and dusty land that seems to stretch on for miles before giving way to Sonera Beach. It will take roughly an hour to reach Mubarak Village. The Shinning sun and the winter breeze and the white sand will fascinate you. As you clambered on board, your boat swayed towards the open sea. A dozen shades of blue will surround you, the calm waves glistening under the sky as though the water had been scattered with jewels. As you will be closer to Charna, you will be given snorkeling gear and will be taught how to use it. Those who are nervous about scuba diving can chose to snorkel instead of being weighed down by an oxygen tank. you will dive in one after the other once the boats are anchored. The diverse marine life is surrounded by: dolphins, sting rays, cuttle fish, parrot fish, angel fish, banner fish, puffer fish, turtles, moray eel, moon angel fish, red snapper and barracudas. “Whale sharks have also been spotted at Charna during the migratory season at the end of the summer, Leap of Faith:it is time to go cliff jumping: a 25 to 30 foot leap into the water. The idea is frightening, but at the same time exhilarating.One, two, three. JUMP! Off the cliff, sailing into the open arms of the sea below. while it may last just a few precious seconds, the feeling of the water coming up to meet you can never be forgotten. As the sea started to swell, it is time to say a reluctant goodbye to the island. We will be back to the village, a cup of tea in your hands to prevent the cold from taking hold, get ready for a change of clothes and some food. Dropping you back to your hotel or Residence in Karachi along with a lot of memories to cherish.