Al Riyam Park


Beyond Mutrah Fort, the Corniche leads to the leafy Al Riyam Park, with fine views of the harbour from the giant ornamental incense burner. There is a small funfair popular with locals at weekends. The park is on the path of a popular hike (C38) that used to link Mutrah with Muscat proper. Park opening times are a bit hit-and-miss.

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1. Watchtower

0.14 MILES

The restored Portuguese watchtower on a promontory out to sea, halfway along Mutrah Corniche, affords a view of the ocean and the grand sweep of Mutrah's…

2. Kalbuh Bay Park

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Kalbuh Bay Park juts into a sea that's boiling with sardines. Located at the end of the Corniche, it makes a good pausing place on a hike between Mutrah…

3. Muscat Gate Museum

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Straddling the road between the Corniche and the old walled city, this museum, with the original gates used until the 1970s to keep land-bound marauders…

4. Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art


This delightful little museum, which encompasses both a modern art gallery and an old furnished house, encapsulates something of the excitement of the new…

5. Mutrah Fort

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Built by the Portuguese in the 1580s, this fort dominates the eastern end of Mutrah harbour. Used for military purposes, it has at long last reopened to…

6. Bait Al Zubair

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Many people come to Mutrah Corniche just to visit the souq, which retains the chaotic interest of a traditional Arab market albeit housed under modern…

8. Omani-French Museum

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With galleries detailing relations between the two countries, this museum provides an interesting snapshot of mostly 19th-century colonial life in Muscat…