Wadi Hajir

Hajar Mountains

While Al Ayn has the best preserved beehive tombs, the largest concentration of these structures is to be found in Wadi Hajir, between Al Ayn and the village of Bat. Indeed, there is barely a hilltop without one, and because of the extent of the site, which lies on an ancient caravan route, the whole area has Unesco World Heritage status. You need a 4WD to navigate Wadi Hajir, accessed either from Dareez near Ibri or from Al Ayn.

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Nearby Hajar Mountains attractions

1. Beehive Tombs

11.27 MILES

Beside the village of Al Ayn, and arranged along a low, russet-coloured ridge, this string of tombs make a dramatic silhouette against Jebel Misht that…

2. Jebel Misht

13.53 MILES

With its serrated teeth, Jebel Misht (meaning 'Comb Mountain') is well named. This striking lump of rock is one of Oman's so-called ‘exotics’ – a…

3. Sulaif Castle

16.86 MILES

This enormous castle on the edge of Ibri has been sensitively restored to give a flavour of the original without rebuilding all its parts. The castle,…

4. Ibri Castle

17.89 MILES

This imposing building has been restored and has brought the old quarter of Ibri back to life. There is not too much to see inside, but the views from the…

5. Old Souq

17.95 MILES

Neighbouring Ibri Castle, the shops in Ibri's old souq include a small gold market, a covered alleyway or two, and a livestock souq that come to life on…

6. Wadi Damm

18.22 MILES

This steep-sided wadi channels the water that runs off Jebel Kawr and Jebel Shams and makes a pretty place for an easy stroll or a picnic. The walls at…

7. Jebel Al Kawr

20.82 MILES

Just east of Al Ayn, there's a small roundabout (beyond which lies Wadi Damm); a right turn here leads up a winding paved road to a broad fertile plateau…

8. Wadi Ghul Viewpoint

26.58 MILES

The term 'Grand Canyon of Arabia' is wholly deserved for this quintessential feature of Oman's spectacular mountain scenery. A short path leads to the…