The Coast

Some 20km north of Larvik is the beautiful, haunting lake of Damvann, surrounded by forests. Popular legend claims it to be the home of a witch called Huldra, who is of such exquisite beauty that any man who looks upon her is doomed. Access is difficult without a car; the nearest bus stop is at Kvelde (6km from the lake) on Numendalslågen Rd.

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1. Whaling Museum

10.44 MILES

You might not agree with the continuation of the practice this museum explores, but there's no denying that Sandefjord's Whaling Museum is a well…

2. Southern Actor

10.69 MILES

The 1950s whaleboat Southern Actor is moored at the harbour; entry is by your Whaling Museum ticket; while you're there, also look out for the striking…

3. Bøkeskogen

11.54 MILES

This sublime patch of green overlooking Larvik is Norway’s largest and the world’s most northerly beech tree forest. It is criss-crossed with walking…

4. Larvik Museum

12.05 MILES

This multi-part museum is spread across the town and is under the auspices of the broader Vestfold Museene.

5. Verkensgården

12.05 MILES

Verkensgården has tools and implements from a local 17th-century sawmill and ironworks. There's also a permanent geological exhibition documenting the…

6. Bølgen

12.14 MILES

The town's impressive wave-shaped cultural centre houses a gallery that has an interesting curatorial calendar of contemporary Norwegian artists, concert…

7. Herregården Manor House

12.22 MILES

The classic baroque timber Herregården manor house was constructed in 1677 as the home of the Norwegian Governor General, Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve, the…

8. Larvik Maritime Museum

12.32 MILES

A 1730 brick structure immediately east of the harbour is home to maritime art and a number of impressive model ships. Colin Archer, the famous Norwegian…