Salten Museum

Arctic Highway

Check out the park-like collection of historic buildings of the Fauske branch of Salten Museum, whose grounds are a lovely spot for a picnic.

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1. Saltdal Folk Museum

10.88 MILES

Just off the E6 in Rognan 32km south of Fauske, Saltdal Folk Museum is a collection of typical rural and fishing-related buildings, many with turf roofs…

2. Blodveimuseet

10.9 MILES

The moving Blodveimuseet, in a former German barracks inside the Saltdal Folk Museum, is visited by a 30-minute guided tour. It reveals conditions for…

3. Magic Saltstraumen

20.56 MILES

This place feels like a missed opportunity. A fairly run-of-the-mill cafe and the odd information panel are all you'll find at first glance. Ask, however,…

4. Saltstraumen Maelstrom

20.78 MILES

The Saltstraumen Maelstrom is one of Norway's more unusual natural occurrences, which is guaranteed to occur four times every 24 hours. At the 3km-long,…

5. Rago National Park

20.89 MILES

The small (171-sq-km), scarcely visited Rago National Park is a rugged chunk of forested granite mountain and moorland, riven with deep glacial cracks and…

6. Gruvemuseum

21.41 MILES

Alongside the fjord, the Sulitjelma Mining Museum records the area's 100 years of mining history and displays some awesome rusting equipment.

7. Kjerringøy Trading Post

24.49 MILES

At Kjerringøy, some 40km north of Bodø, the entrepreneurial Zahl family established an important trading station in the 19th century. The trading post…

8. Bodin Kirke

25.47 MILES

The charming little onion-domed stone church, around 3km from downtown, dates from around 1240. The Lutheran Reformation brought about substantial…