Norsk Fjordsenter

The Northern Fjords

The Norwegian Fjord Centre puts the Geiranger area into context, with exhibitions covering avalanches, floods, the building of early roads and the rise of tourism. Even if you don't go inside, the arresting structure itself is worth a look.

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1. Flydalsjuvet

0.59 MILES

You'll have seen that classic photo somewhere, beloved of brochures, of the overhanging rock Flydalsjuvet, usually with a figure gazing down at a cruise…

2. Trollstigen

2.21 MILES

This twisting, sky-topping corkscrew of a road is the most famous stretch of tarmac in Norway. Completed in 1936 after eight years of labour, the Troll's…

3. Dalsnibba

3.78 MILES

For the highest and perhaps most stunning of the many stunning views of the Geiranger valley and fjord, take the 5km toll road (130kr per car) that climbs…

4. Trollveggen

4.11 MILES

From Dombås, the E136 and rail line drop in parallel northwest down to Romsdalen (you might have a sense of déjà vu if you’ve seen Harry Potter and the…

5. Peer Gynt Galleriet

11.07 MILES

An only-in-the-fjords extravaganza, bas-relief wood carvings fashioned by local carpenter Oddvin Parr illustrate the Peer Gynt legend, along with a 35…

6. Gudbrandsjuvet

15.22 MILES

Fifteen kilometres up the valley from Valldal, this popular viewpoint overlooks a maelstrom of foaming, crashing water, where the river sluices and…

7. Bødalsbreen

20.81 MILES

Near to Kjenndalsbreen is this minor glacial tongue providing a couple of good hiking possibilities.

8. Stordal Old Church

20.92 MILES

Twenty-five kilometres northwest of Valldal on the Rv650 towards Ålesund, this stave church was built in 1789 on the site of an earlier chapel, elements…