An essential complement to the Hanseatic Museum, Schøtstuene is a reconstruction of one of the original assembly halls where the fraternity of Hanseatic merchants once met for their business meetings and beer guzzling.

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1. Bryggens Museum

0.03 MILES

This archaeological museum was built on the site of Bergen's first settlement, and the 800-year-old foundations unearthed during its construction have…

2. Mariakirken

0.04 MILES

This stone church, with its Romanesque entrance and twin towers, dates from the early 12th century and is Bergen's oldest building. The interior features…

3. Theta Museum

0.06 MILES

Named after the Norwegian Resistance group who occupied it between 1940 and 1945, this excellent reconstruction of a clandestine Resistance headquarters,…

4. Bryggen

0.07 MILES

Bergen's oldest quarter runs along the eastern shore of Vågen Harbour (bryggen translates as 'wharf') in long, parallel and often precariously leaning…

5. Hanseatic Museum

0.18 MILES

This interesting museum provides a window into the world of Hanseatic traders. Housed in a rough-timber building dating from 1704, it starkly reveals the…

6. Rosenkrantztårnet

0.19 MILES

Built in the 1560s by Bergen governor Erik Rosenkrantz, this tower was a residence and defence post. It also incorporates parts of the keep (1273) of King…

7. King Håkons Hall

0.21 MILES

Viking fans will feel right at home at this impressive ceremonial hall, built by King Håkon Håkonsson in 1247–61 and completed for his son's wedding and…

8. Bergen Cathedral

0.39 MILES

Bergen's cathedral features stonemasonry in the entrance hall carved by the same artisans who adorned Westminster Abbey's chapter house in London.