Potong Gate


The western gate of the original walled city of Pyongyang dates from the 6th century, but was rebuilt in the 15th century and then again in 1955.

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1. Korean Revolution Museum

0.65 MILES

Despite the museum’s rather misleading name, its main function is to document the death of Kim Il-sung (including a film of the extraordinary public…

2. Ryugyong Hotel

0.66 MILES

Three decades after construction began on this extraordinary hotel in 1987, it still has not been completed. Planned as a prestige project but abandoned…

3. Mansudae Grand Monument

0.69 MILES

Every itinerary includes an homage to these vast bronze statues of the smiling Great Leader and Dear Leader, the latter in his trademark parka. The first…

4. Grand People's Study House


This impressive building on Kim Il-sung Sq is the country’s largest library and centre of Juche studies, where any North Korean over 17 can come for free…

5. Chollima Statue

0.77 MILES

This impressive statue portrays Chollima, the Korean Pegasus. It’s an interesting example of how the North Korean state has incorporated traditional…

6. Kim Il-sung Square

0.78 MILES

Pyongyang’s central square is where North Korea’s massive military parades normally take place. The plaza is ringed by austere-looking buildings: most…

7. Korean Central History Museum

0.84 MILES

The Korean Central History Museum is all rather predictable – a large number of exhibits about the North's struggle against imperialism and oppression.

8. Taedong Gate

0.86 MILES

This was the eastern gate of the ancient walled city of Pyongyang, built in the 6th century to defend the entrance to the inner fortress from the Taedong…