Monument to the Foundation of the Workers' Party


This startlingly bombastic monument has starred on the cover of more books about North Korea than almost any other. The three hands portrayed represent the worker (holding a hammer), the peasant (holding a scythe) and the intellectual (holding a writing brush). It's an enjoyable visit, not least because you're in the middle of the city and curious locals often pass by.

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1. Tower of the Juche Idea

0.98 MILES

This tower honours the North Korean philosophy of Juche and was unveiled to mark President Kim Il-sung's 70th birthday in 1982. Indeed, the tower is made…

2. Taedong Gate

1.08 MILES

This was the eastern gate of the ancient walled city of Pyongyang, built in the 6th century to defend the entrance to the inner fortress from the Taedong…

3. Liberation Tower

1.17 MILES

This stone column topped with a red star commemorates the Soviet liberation of Pyongyang from Japanese rule in 1945. Built in 1947, it is thoroughly…

4. Mansudae Grand Monument

1.25 MILES

Every itinerary includes an homage to these vast bronze statues of the smiling Great Leader and Dear Leader, the latter in his trademark parka. The first…

5. Korean Central History Museum

1.26 MILES

The Korean Central History Museum is all rather predictable – a large number of exhibits about the North's struggle against imperialism and oppression.

6. Moran Hill

1.26 MILES

This is Pyongyang’s top recreation ground: couples wander, families picnic and there are people playing guitars and sometimes even dancing in an…

7. Chollima Statue

1.29 MILES

This impressive statue portrays Chollima, the Korean Pegasus. It’s an interesting example of how the North Korean state has incorporated traditional…

8. Korean Revolution Museum


Despite the museum’s rather misleading name, its main function is to document the death of Kim Il-sung (including a film of the extraordinary public…