Located 8km from the centre of Pyongyang, Mangyongdae has long been a destination for day trippers from the capital, due to its idyllic setting amid the gentle hills where the Sunhwa River flows into the Taedong. The suburb houses the place of Kim Il-sung’s birth, a typical Korean peasant house with a thatched roof and a block of living rooms, as well as a small barn, most of which looks as if it was built in the past few decades.

The Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum, located nearby, continues the theme of the Great Leader’s childhood and underscores the point that all his family members were Korean patriot revolutionaries of the humblest possible order.

The nearby Mangyongdae Funfair is a pleasant oasis built around the base of Song Hill, where you can relax with some day trippers from the capital. You can throw a ball at American imperialists at the coconut shy, take a ride on a North Korean roller coaster and nauseate yourself on the Mad Mouse (a harmless-looking mini roller coaster that is quite terrifying).