Museo Rubén Darío


Nicaragua's most famous poet, Rubén Dario, lived in this house for the first 14 years of his life – indeed, he started writing poetry right here at age 12. That first poem is on display here, as are various personal effects. Of all of Nicaragua's museums and monuments dedicated to the poet, this colonial house seems like the one where you’d be most likely to run into his ghost, (and, in fact, here you can see his death mask).

Exhibits are displayed throughout the house, ranging from everyday items that provide a window into well-to-do Nicaraguan life in the late 1800s to handwritten manuscripts of Darío’s famous works. His bible, the bed where he died ‘an agonizing death’ and the fancy duds he wore as the ambassador to Spain are just highlights among the historic bric-a-brac.

Darío’s final resting place is in the León cathedral.