Flor de Caña

Top choice distillery in Chichigalpa

Flor de Caña rum is among the world's finest and it has been produced in Chichigalpa since the distillery's founding in 1890. Visitors are initiated into the mysteries of rum production during 1½-hour-long tours, with the guides delving into the distillery's history and showing you every stage of the process that turns raw sugarcane into fine golden liquid. The grand finale? A tasting of two fine aged tipples: Rum Centenario 18 and Gran Reserva 7, of course!

If you're really serious about your rum, you can take the private VIP tour (US$100) that involves tasting every single rum that Flor de Caña produces, plus you get to take home a personalized bottle of Flor de Caña 18.