The North African country of Tunisia has played a starring role in blockbuster movies for decades, and the places where famous films are set are now getting another moment in the spotlight as the country prepares to unveil a new cinematic route around various filming locations.

Carthage is a stop on the tour ©Romas_Photo/Shutterstock

The route, stretching from Tunis to Tataouine, is currently being developed and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. It will cover more than 15 sites across 10 regions and will highlight films including Star Wars, Monty Python: The Life of Brian, Indiana Jones and The English Patient. Some local tour operators already offer trips to the Star Wars film sets that were abandoned in the deserts of southern Tunisia, but this route promises to bring them a new level of recognition.

The film route is a collaboration between Tunisia and the European Union, through a programme aimed at diversifying tourism. As part of the route creation, the filming locations will also be developed to include infrastructure for tourists, such as museums, restaurants, hotels and upgrades to the road network.  In addition to the Star Wars locations, the sites include the Roman theatre in Carthage, the ribat fortress in Monastir and the medina in Kairouan.

Tunisia reopened its borders to some international visitors in June, though coronavirus cases are now increasing again after being contained earlier in the year. Visitors are required to take a PCR test between 72 and 120 hours before travel. Even if the test is negative, travelers are required to quarantine for at least a week at their own expense, when they can then pay for and take another PCR test. If the test comes back negative, visitors can then leave quarantine.

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