Ever felt like leaving everything behind and starting again? Well, if you have a spare $7 million lying around (or a sizeable group of friends who really really like each other), you can forget the troubles of the outside world and buy your very own village in Sweden. Available to purchase through Christie’s International Real Estate, the 18th century Sätra Brunn is located in Västmanland, and includes picturesque homes, a hotel, preschool, church, and your own spring water source.

The site was originally founded in the early 1700s around a natural spring, with the view of creating a wellness destination with therapeutic bathing and spring water bathhouses. Today the site has evolved and grown, but the core business idea is still operation, and includes a restaurant and hotel as well as a bathhouse with a connected spa. There’s even a local beverage production unit on the site for bottling spring water. The 58-hectare site has its own sprawling forest, and has been known to host diverse events such as weddings, concerts, and Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Sätra Brunn.jpg
The town was first settled in the early 1700's © Christie’s International Real Estate

Located approximately an hour away from Stockholm by car, the village boasts charming red timber buildings. “The current owners are now ready to hand over the reins after a very enriching and inspiring journey, and entrust leadership as well as ownership to a stalwart management team who see the potential and the charm in the village, and hopefully continue to develop this unique village into the fantastic oasis it is for so many,” the owners said in a statement about the sale.

More information on the Sätra Brunn is available at the official website, while auction details can be found at the Christie’s International Real Estate website.

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