Calling all techno fans: Rave the Planet Berlin 2022 was an absolute hit – and the 2023 edition promises to be even bigger, better and wilder than last year’s extravaganza. 

Last July, Berlin party people finally got the event they had been waiting for more than a decade: after a 12-year hiatus, the legendary Love Parade returned under the name “Rave the Planet.” Over 200,000 partygoers took to the city’s streets to celebrate “peace, joy and pancakes.” The spirit of the Love Parade had returned, with a fresh spin.

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The event was filled with music, drinks and an overall incredible atmosphere, including a strong advocacy for electronic-music culture. Powerful speeches covered such topics as the status electronic music deserves, the idea of universal basic income for artists and cultural workers, the abolition of dancing bans and the introduction of a public holiday to celebrate electronic music. (We’re on board.) In the end, some 200 DJs from around the world, led by Berlin legend Dr Motte, played their best tracks on the floats – trucks pulling trailers outfitted with turntables and speakers – that made their way across the city.

Since last year’s Rave the Planet was such a smash, the event will return on July 8, 2023 with a new lineup of artists, thousands of techno fans and endless amounts of positive energy. All of which is definitely worth planning a trip to Berlin for this summer.

Two techno music enthusiasts kiss on a float at Rave the Planet (Love Parade) 2022, Berlin, Germany
Techno music, exuberant crowds and positive energy about at Rave the Planet © Christian Ender / Getty Images

What to expect at Rave the Planet 2023

With the motto “music is the answer” and a mission to protect and preserve electronic-dance-music culture, its organizers say Rave the Planet is a demonstration rather than a mere music festival. In the best spirit of techno music, the event will be open and free for everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, gender, social background or other characteristics.

The parade will begin at 2pm on July 8 at the Uhlandstraße U-Bahn station, then wind its way through the streets to the iconic Brandenburg Gate before ending around 10pm at the Victory Column (Siegessäule). While the official lineup has yet to be released, the final 18 floats have been confirmed, and at least 200 DJs – including Alan Oldham (aka DJ T-1000), Richie Blacker and Kaiserdisco – will perform throughout the day. Speeches will also be delivered from various floats throughout the event, and the organizers expect around 300,000 people total to participate in the parade.

The Tiergarten is filled with trucks and participants for the Rave the Planet (Love Parade) party in 2022, Berlin, Germany
Hundreds of thousands are expected to participate in the Rave the Planet, the successor to the Love Parade © Sean Gallup / Getty Images

When and where to see the Rave the Planet parade this year

Although the official stops, speeches, and lineup have not yet been released, the parade timings are expected to remain the same as last year, as follows:

  • 2pm Uhlandstraße
  • 3pm Breitscheidplatz
  • 4pm Wittenbergplatz
  • 5pm Nollendorfplatz
  • 6pm Potsdamer Straße
  • 7pm Schöneberger Ufer
  • 8pm Potsdamer Platz
  • 9pm Brandenburger Tor
  • 10pm Victory Column

Whether you’re wearing glitter shorts, steampunk goggles or fluorescent jumpsuits, you can come as you like and arrive or leave whenever you want. Since Rave the Planet is a nonprofit event, you can also make a donation to support the cause.

Those who want to contribute a bit more can join the “eco team” on July 9 for a clean-up day – a great success from 2022 that the organizers will reprise this year. Sign up on the official volunteer platform of Rave the Planet to be a part of it.

A man in a checkered suit and mask dances with others at Rave the Planet (Love Parade) 2022, Berlin, Germany
Come as you are to Rave the Planet 2023 © Paul Zinken / picture alliance via Getty Images

Things to keep in mind when attending Rave the Planet 2023

If you’re visiting Berlin for Rave the Planet 2023, we recommend arriving early to the event to have enough time to explore and choose which music float you’d like to follow. The Rave the Planet Twitter account is a great resource for finding the latest updates on the parade. Each float will play a different sub-genre of electronic music, so you can either research in advance which float you’d like to follow or join the vibe that appeals to you on the spot.

Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend, and the parade is constantly on the move. It’s a smart idea to meet up with your friends at an U-Bahn station beforehand, as phone-network coverage might be patchy during the parade. Going alone? No problem: the atmosphere is very welcoming, and you’ll feel part of a large community of dancers and ravers.

Since drinks and food can be tricky to obtain while on the move, it’s a good idea to bring a backpack full of drinks and snacks. Although there are many späti convenience stores, supermarkets and food stands along the parade route, lines can be long; having your own supplies will be useful. If you arrive late, check when the speeches will take place, take the metro to the closest U-Bahn station – then follow the music.

Though Rave the Planet will end at 10pm, you shouldn’t worry: after-parties will take place all around the Siegesäule, as well as in Berlin’s famous clubs. See what’s happening at the city’s iconic techno clubs, like Salon zur wilden Renate, Tresor or Sisyphos – or attend one of the official after-parties produced by the Rave the Planet team.

This article was first published Jul 7, 2022 and updated May 23, 2023.

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